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On a 250 thousand sqm area in Beldibi, Antalya, the Rixos Beldibi resort hotel promises a holiday experience beyond your dreams. At the conjunction of the azure of the Mediterranean with the emerald green of the Taurus Mountains, Rixos Beldibi offers its guests an unprecedented luxury in the heart of nature. At a location 50 km away from Antalya Airport and 25 km from the city centre, the resort is surrounded by numerous touristic and historical venues in and around Beldibi worth visiting during your stay at Rixos Beldibi. In addition to the archaeological sites, you may also wish to enjoy the adjacent bays during the day. You may visit the observatory on your road, taste the uniquely delicious fish at different restaurants or enjoy the rich shopping opportunities in the area. The surrounding natural and historical beauties of Beldibi are too good to be missed during your stay at Rixos Beldibi in Kemer, Antalya.

Beldibi Cave

Around the Obakoy area, the Beldibi Mountain is a popular spot for nature enthusiasts and a regular tourist destination. As one of the most important prehistoric ruins in Antalya, the excavations at Beldibi Cave revealed tools remaining from the upper Palaeolithic and Mesolithic eras. Surround by pinewoods, the cave is an archaeological site receiving domestic and foreign tourists.



Ancient City of Phaselis

Founded by the Rhodians in the VII. Century B.C., Phaselis is also an ancient port city. With a rich history, the ruins of the historical amphitheatre, aqueduct, agora and baths are a touristic destination in our day. Combining history with the sea, the ancient settlement transports you to the ancient times when the city was still vibrant with trade and livelihood. The historical atmosphere renders Phaselis a must see venue while you’re in the area.



Goynuk Canyon

The Goynuk Canyon is a prominent destination for its impressive nature during your stay in Kemer, Antalya.  A substantial part of the Lycian Way - which is one of the best trekking racetracks in the world - passes through this canyon. You may be impressed with the their natural beauty of the enticing waterfalls along your route while you cross this mysterious and authentic canyon.



Ancient City of Perga

The ancient city of Perga carries Hellenistic and Roman characteristics. Once the capital of the Pamphylia Region, the ancient city is an open air museum with an amphitheatre, stadium, bath, necropolis and agora particularly appealing to archaeology enthusiasts. You may re-discover the history while you’re roaming in the streets of the city.




One of the most important ports in ancient Lycia, Olympos is still preserved as an archaeological and natural site. The Cirali and Adrasan regions close by also give you the chance to drink in the nature to your heart’s desire. With its mythological atmosphere, the exquisite natural beauties, Lycian walking tracks, loggerheads, seafront, ancient city ruins, and the Yanartas eternal fire, Olympos is absolutely a destination never to be missed while you’re in Kemer, Antalya.




Kas is one of the most beautiful destinations for a daily excursion during your stay at Rixos Beldibi.  The clear waters of the Kaputas Beach just before reaching Kas are simply amazing. A conjunction of the sea, sun and nature, Kas is also a perfect diving destination. While you’re there, make sure you don’t miss the tiny and lovely town of Kalkan in the vicinity, which was once home to the Lycian civilisation.



Squares from Beldibi

  • Ancient City of Phaselis
  • Goynuk Canyon
  • Ancient City of Perga
  • Olympos